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Hosted voip platform

Net Trans is the leading provider of Hosted VoIP Platforms With over 80000 users, an experienced Technical Assistance Centre, a market position that ensures our reliability and dozens of Service Provider customers that rely on us, we are perfectly situated to be your behind-the-scenes and equip you with disaster proof and fully functional updated VoIP platform as delivered as a managed service.

ippbx & conferencing:

Virtual PBX service from Net trans is an all-inclusive hosted VoIP solution serving small businesses across the Globe. For one low monthly price per phone users have full access to a broad portfolio of features, virtually unlimited nationwide calling, and the reliability that comes along with our distributed nationwide network.

We equip our Clients on Conferencing permissions and a clear cut process that opt us to timely deliver their expectations. Our Infrastructure is cable of 5000 pool ins per conference. We are equipped to provide both audio and video conferencing.

Web Designing & Development:

We believe that the creation of a Web site is only the first step in understanding and utilizing the Internet technology. We work closely with our clients after the Web site is up to help them find their niche in the market place.

Net Trans web services team helps organizations to implement optimized web strategies in today's digitally driven global economy. This is accomplished by offering a complete range of web designing and web development services both of which are clearly mandated to meet and exceed your company's specific requirements as you continue to leverage the power of the Internet to expand and enhance your corporate goals.

Wholesale carrier services

Net Trans has a fully featured and flexible VoIP Billing system and termination platform which can provide one of the quickest and lowest cost entries to billing VoIP Customers that exists on the market today.

Corporate business solutions

We are a leading provider of Holiday numbers and SIM cards equipping our clients on their international roaming with a worry free mind on additional charges. Also through our Infrastructure, we provide them provisions to make international call cutting down 80% of cost on Tele-communication Expenses.


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