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White label solutions

We understand each client and their requirement of having personalised tools and Applications to cater to their various business and customer objectives. Be it a Personalised Webpage, Mobile Applications, Customer Portal or Product Logos, we effectively manage the time and deliver the requirements as per their expectations.


Due to the booming Trend in IT, It has been a very basic requirement for all the service providers to have a personalised application for Mobile to cater to immediate requirements of the customers. Be it for calling or online purchases or recharge, a Mobile application is always handy for the end user. It also increases the reliability of the customer and helps the organisation to have a long term bonding with the user. This also enables the user's feasibility of operation and help the service provider boost their income. Net Trans undertakes white labelling and rentals of Mobile Applications as per the Clientele Need.

crm portals

We offer solutions for CRM portals which includes designing, Technical Linking's Ticketing System Integration, Chat Support Integrations and data base management for your business to run smoothly. We have a dedicated support team to assist and manage your requirements.

wholesale carrier services

Our presence on both the retail and wholesale markets worldwide define that we deliver cutting edge international wholesale solutions that are fully adapted to the needs of local retail operators. With our solid and extensive long distance network infrastructure, we pride ourselves on offering our customers and partner the most innovative solutions and the highest quality of service. Our dedicated wholesale teams on four continents and our voice platforms and media gateways in USA & UK ensure that our customers have the peace of mind and quality they require.


We offer both white label Reseller or a Normal Reseller for our telecom Products and other services. The basic facilities that we offer our resellers are as follows

Reseller Administration Panel (RAP): The Reseller Administration Panel (RAP) was designed to allow you to efficiently manage your VoIP accounts, their features and your customer information with one intuitive web based interface. The following are just a few of the ways RAP helps you manage your VoIP business:


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