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RingtoIndia is a leading VoIP company in UK offering cost-effective solutions for India & international calls. As a VoIP company with a decade of experience and expertise in the telecommunication industry, we understand the very core need of our customers and endeavour our best to provide them with latest technological support for their international calling needs. For the purpose we are offering calling cards, Mobile VoIP service and Mobile Apps for iPhone and Android devices.


Dialoone is a high-flying VoIP company located in UK offering comprehensive international calling needs. With the high level of expectations from our customers from us, we provide our service with most excellent Quality of Service (QoS). We offer services in calling cards, mobile VoIP, PC Dialer application and mobile apps for iPhone and Android devices so that our customers are stay connected forever. Affordability, Highest Standards, Professionalism, 24X7 customer support is what we offer at cost-effective price.


Ecomo is an internal Smartphone communication company offering services globally to Smartphone users of new generation. We look forward to make our service to be a cost effective communication solution to our customers via IM, voice calling, and video calling.


PeakCaller is a telecommunication company based in Denmark offering various telephony solutions in global market. Our calling card services spread out to more than 60 international countries with thousands of satisfied customers. We our services are customer centric and cost effective solutions when it comes for international calls.


HelloBD is telecom service provider in UK offering affordable international calling solution to various parts of the work. With our cost effective solutions in Telecommunication segment, we have a large customer base in various continents. We understand our customers calling needs and provides with the service which is most apt for them.

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